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Gina's Market sources most of our produce from Alabama Farmers. When produce is in season, you will find our selection booming with the best in locally grown and sourced fresh fruits and vegetables. Many of our boardering states ship their produce to Alabama and we are very selective about what we bring in for our customers.

Tomatoes & Strawberries

Overall, we sell more tomatoes and strawberries than any other fruit, these red fruits are the most popular. Southerners love our tomatoes and we try to offer the very best at our market.

Did you know a tomato is a fruit?

Cucumbers & Squash


How many of you have a family recipe for squash casserole? I know I miss my ganny's delicious squash recipes. It is another Southern favorite you will want to try along with our crisp cucumbers. They make the best pickles. We have some already made if you are craviing a cool one on a hot day.

Okra & Beans

Just like the Alabama vs. Auburn rivalry in the South, you either love 'em or hate 'em. Okra and Green beans are staples on our tables, most like the okra fried. Beans are great however you prepare them, be sure to tell us your recipes when you come in.

Corn & Peppers


It's just not summer in Alabama without a ear of grilled or boiled corn. My childhood was filled with fond memories of eating corn. I didn't get into peppers until I was older, but now I love all kinds of peppers. Have you tried our Chow Chow? Ask us for some.

Cantelope & Watermelon

If you visit the South in the summer months, you might not want to miss eating some watermelon or cantaloupe. These juicy fruits are the perfect treat on a hot day.

Pumpkins & Gourds


Fall is in the air and pumpkins can be found everywhere in the South. They are part of our folklore and are a welcome sight that the seasons are changing. Harvest time is here, don't miss our pumpkin carving contest this year. 

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